Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special Time With My Friend, Regan Morris

A Note From Odie:

June 10-17th we had the privilege of having Regan Morris from Richton, Mississippi in Ohio with us. It is rare to be able to show my friends my home town so this was really special. I had a blast having her around!!  We miss her a ton. 

Regan just graduated from high school and she will be starting college later this summer. I am so glad she took time to come join us for a week. She was with us for several services that week and we put her mad drumming skills to work. It was awesome.

Do not be surprised if you see Regan following the BoggsMobile in her car with a set of drums tied to the roof. LOL  It most likely will never happen but we can always dream. 

As you will see in the pictures below we liked introducing her to our Ohio favorite restaurants. She seemed to enjoy them all. A couple places we hit multiple times. We ran out of time to take her to all the places, maybe next time. Here's a list of where we took her. 

1. Acapulco 
2. City Barbeque
3. Frisch's 
4. United Dairy Farmers (UDF) for a shake
5. Skyline

She was able to attend 3 different church's with us. 
1. Revival Anchor of Hope- Lebanon, Ohio 
2 Sunday Morning at Dodds Pentecostal Church- Waynesville, Ohio
3. Sunday Night at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church- Moraine, Ohio 

Also she was with us for Mamaw and Papaw's anniversary party. She was just a member of the whole family that day. She probably was tired of meeting new people by the end of the day. 

Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for putting up with me and Regan that week. They allowed us to use their house as our hotel. 

Thanks for coming Regan. We all love and miss you so much.


Here is a bunch of Reagan photos from the week. 

Regan found a man at the zoo

        Regan found another man at Frisch's

Reagan Baker and Regan Morris

I left Regan to guard my phone for 5 minutes. She left a gift on my camera roll. I told they would show up here someday.


  1. I enjoyed spending a week with y'all! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for letting me join the family for a week. Best week of my life. Yes, it's gotta happen again very soon. And no, don't be surprised if you see me following the Boggs mobile in my car with the drums tide to the top. Lol. I love you all so very much! -Regan Brooke :)

    1. It was our pleasure to have you, Regan. We love you and your family dearly.

      Davy and Kelly Jo


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