Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Little Family Time

Today we rested some more and visited with family passing through. My sister Theresa, her husband Jay and their kids Lauren and Luke stopped in for a few minutes. Jay works for a company that is headquartered in the Minneapolis area and they were up there on a working vacation this week. They were on their way home and their route brought them 1/2 mile from the RV Park we are staying in.

It was great to see family so far away from home. I sure appreciate them taking time to stop and to eat lunch with us. It was refreshing.

Luke has something on his pants. Really Mom? You have to get that off now? Lol

We had family devotions in the BoggsMobile this evening and we had sweet fellowship with the Lord. One thing this area needs badly is a good conservative Pentecostal church. Come on up to Wisconsin young men and plant a church. There are plenty of souls that need to be saved.

The folks are really friendly here and I have had several opportunities to share the Gospel on a personal level. The huge tent trailer is a great Gospel conversation starter. Men always want to know what is inside. I think they are expecting  to see a car of some kind. 

When I tell them there is a tent, poles, stakes, side walls and 200 chairs, the next question is, "Why are you hauling all of that round?" Praise God, that is an easy open door to walk through.

One man here this week ask me a question after we had talked a while about evangelism. He said, "So, are you the guy that stands up in front at the tent revival?" I said, "Yes, I am the preacher, the singer, the testifier, the tent man, the chair man and the bathroom cleaner. I can do everything in tent revival but change peoples lives. God does that. God changes peoples lives."

We were wiping tears when we were finished talking. It is amazing to watch people grasp for the first time that God can make a difference in their lives. It is a truth that I love to tell and a truth the world needs to hear. That is a pretty good combination. God give us all the strength, wisdom and willingness to tell the story.

We are moving on to the Minneapolis area tomorrow, by God's grace.


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