Friday, July 19, 2013

A Day of Rest!

We really did rest quite a bit today. I was awake early but stayed in bed reading until I could nap some more. A few more days of that and I will be good as new.

In the afternoon I worked on solving my broken latch problem on the trailer. I will have to take the side ramp door apart to figure out how it works and try to fix it.

I plan to start that tomorrow. Unless it is an easy fix, I will probably extend our stay here to Monday. Without that latch I will need to rig a way to keep that door fastened.

KJ took the girls for a few hours to the Tanger outlet nearby.

Kelly Jo and I had supper out together and drove around and looked at the area. The weather cooled some and it made for a beautiful evening.

We parked close to this truck yesterday when we went on the boat ride in Wisconsin Dells. It had a generator running and what I think was a refrigeration unit as well. Kelly Jo says we need somebody to pull the tent trailer with this during tent revival season. The driver could set up the tent and sell steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, brisket and ribs during the day and after church.

It sounds like a well thought out plan to me!

According to their website they have a semi based rig that is 80 feet long. It can slow smoke 2000 lbs of meat and cook 1000 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers or 200 steaks at a time on a 48" x 120" grill! I would have to buy a bigger tent!

This "small" truck may just be a support truck for the large rig. According to their schedule they we in Minneapolis recently and will be in Chicago this weekend. Wisconsin Dells is right on the route through.

God bless u all.


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