Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Schedule Change - Dunseith, North Dakota

We are still scheduled to have revival in Dunseith, North Dakota starting Sunday. We are very excited about this revival and we are expecting God to move among the Turtle Mountain Chippewa people. There is no telling what God is going to do in lives during revival.

The schedule change is that we will not be setting up the tent for this revival. The church has been experiencing some serious vandalism and the local Pastor does not believe it would be wise to set the tent up and to have it become a nice shiny target for the local vandals.

I am perfectly willing to follow the Pastor's lead on this. He is more tuned into his community and his church than I am and I trust him to make the right call. They are disappointed and we are disappointed but revival does not come through tents. Revival comes from God and vandals can not take God out of the equation.

I am thankful that the church is still believing God for revival even if we can not set up the tent. We are believing with them for a sovereign move of God in their families, their neighbors and in their community. Pray with us that God will save souls in this revival.

As of right now, Bro. Martin and his family are still planning to be with us in this revival. The Martin's are missionaries to the native Americans and God has given them favor all over the country. They are the contact with this church and the reservation and we are thrilled to be working with them. God is using Hope For The Home Ministries and we are blessed with this opportunity to work along side with them.

However, Sis. Martin's mother is very ill in Arkansas and they could be called home at any moment. The are currently conducting a Kid's Crusade at another church in North Dakota as they try to stay informed and pray about the situation in Arkansas. I have told Bro. Martin that we understand completely if they need to miss the scheduled revival in Dunseith and we have put it in God's hands.

The church in Dunseith desires revival either way, so revival goes on. We will certainly miss the Godly influence and leadership of the Martin family if they are called away but we know that God is in control.

Will you join us in prayer concerning all of this? I know that some of you have been praying faithfully about Dunseith for many months and I and convince you are praying even now. God bless you for it.

The change in schedule gives us a few more days to get there. I was planning to be in Dunseith by Wednesday night or Thursday morning in order to prepare for the tent set up. Now we will not have to be there until Saturday. That means more rest, more prayer, more sermon prep and a few more days to see a thing or two in our beautiful country.

God bless you all.


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