Saturday, July 20, 2013

Latches, Walks and Mexican S'mores

My morning project was the broken door latch on the side ramp door of the tent trailer. I was able to take half of the diamond plate off instead of the whole thing. Whew, only 35 screws!

The self locking nut had worked its way off after 17 years and all of the pieces were laying in the little compartment.

Now, what do I do with all the little pieces?

Most of the parts had marks on top and bottom so I could see which part was on either side of it. I eventually figured it out and put it back together.

As a bonus? It actually works! I put the diamond plate back on and all 35 screws and I was finished before the sun was pressing down on me. Not a bad morning. I am going to make an access panel to the back of that lock in case I have to do it again.

The girls walked around downtown Wisconsin Dells for a couple of hours today just killing time. This really is a beautiful place.

Supper tonight was Italian. 

We bought stuff of Mexican S'mores (Google it) and we had hoped to cook them over a camp fire. We do not have a fire ring at our sight so KJ cooked them in the oven. Wow! These are good!

We used 10" flour tortilla's, Hershey's chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and real butter. Wow again.

Another day well rested. God bless you all.


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