Friday, November 16, 2012

R. I. P. Hostess

Today is a sad day in our family. It is a sad day in America. Hostess is shutting its doors. The Twinkie is going over the rainbow to see Dorothy and Toto.

We will all miss the great food made by Hostess. Some of the labor force went out on strike and the Hostess company which is already in bankruptcy is closing. Over 18000 people are losing their jobs due to the company closing. it is a sad day indeed for them.

Mom and I made a big Walmart trip tonight for supplies. While there I decided to pick up a few of our favorite Hostess foods. 

The Hostess shelves were already pretty empty. The boxes of Twinkies were already gone. I did find the individual packs. At least I will be able to taste one last Twinkie. 

Thinking of Twinkies brings back a funny family memory. We were traveling one day when I was about 11 years old. 

We stopped in Kentucky at a familiar gas station for fuel and snacks. When we stopped I was asleep in our 1978 Monte Carlo. It just happened to be customer appreciation day and they were having a big celebration and giving away food.

I woke up while my parents were out of the car. I remember sitting up in a daze trying to figure out where in the world I was. I could not see my parents, but they could see me the whole time. 

While I was still half asleep a person in a GIANT Twinkie costume saw me. The giant Twinkie decided I was a customer that needed to be appreciated and headed my way with a Twinkie.

Keep in mind that mom and dad are watching the whole thing!

This Giant Twinkie came over to my car and tried to open the door. I am in the middle of waking up and a Giant Twinkie trying to get me! You talk about a bad dream! Let's just say it scared me almost to death. When Dad and Mom returned I was still pretty shaken. I was thankful my parents always lock their doors.

Mom and Dad were about to die laughing when they came back to the car. They still laugh about the day I was almost almost eaten by a Giant Twinkie. 

I am sure my kids will one day hear the story from my family. But it so sad they may never get to taste the sweetness of a Twinkie.

Hope this gives you something to laugh about today.

Dad said maybe somebody will buy the brand and the Twinkie will survive. Let's hope so.


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Odie, that is so funny.....wish I had been there to see it. Thanks for the laugh!


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