Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel Day - Minneapolis, Minnesota to Devils Lake, North Dakota

I told you I was crammed into our site at the RV Park near Minneapolis. This is the proof. The BoggsMobile is sticking out one end and the trailer is sticking out the other.

I could not pull out going forward so I spent some time yesterday coming up with a plan. We backed out of that spot this morning and eased out of the park. It was very, very close. It is a real nice park with good electricity but I might think twice about pulling in there again with the bus AND tent trailer.

When I started the bus this morning the low coolant light came on and stayed on. The sensor is in the overflow tank so it's not low enough to hurt anything but if that sensor stays on it will shut down the engine. I do not want that to happen on the interstate or any other time for that matter.

The sensor had given me a false reading a few months ago for a few minutes. It did not do it again but I bought a replacement sensor the last time I was at Nashville Prevost. I shut the bus down this morning, changed the sensor and topped off the coolant. It all worked out good but it slowed us down and hour or so.

We traveled quite a distance today and it made for a pretty long day. The Martin family is conducting a Kid's Crusade on a reservation near Devils Lake, North Dakota and they invited us to join them the last day or so. They have been coming here for several years and they have workers from OBI and several churches helping them.

They need go to Arkansas as quickly as possible because of the health of Sis. Martin's parents so we want to be with them all that we can. We were looking forward to spending time with them in Dunseith but you just can not plan health emergencies. Even though they are busy here, we will squeeze all the fellowship out of them that we can.

We pulled into a beautiful state park near the lake and then drove the Green Machine to the church. We did not make it in time for the Crusade but we arrived in time for the food and birthday cake. Perfect timing! We plan to be there quite a bit Thursday.

The long day was a little longer because we took some time to drop the trailer in Fargo, North Dakota. Since we are having revival in the church rather than in the tent in Dunseith we really did not need the trailer all the way up there. We will be going right back through Fargo on the way to Omaha next week so it made sense to drop it there.

I called several storage places and one of them looked promising. We had to negotiate a very tight corner getting in but I put KJ in the drivers seat and guided her in with inches to spare. The exit is a lot easier than the entrance. All of that took about 2 hours but it seemed the best thing to do.

The last 180 miles of our 450 mile day literally flew by. The BoggsMobile felt like running with the big dogs with the just the Green Machine attached. It is amazing the difference. I am sure the difference in fuel mileage is amazing too.

I am off to bed for the early morning tomorrow. I have a feeling I am going to sleep well tonight.


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