Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Milestones and A Contest?

Make sure you read the Blog from yesterday and also note the recent schedule change.

We have two milestones to note today.

1. Yesterday's post was post number 800 for the

2. Today we will reach 100,000 page views on the blog according to Blogger.

While these are pitiful numbers for big blogs, it is not half bad for us.

We started this blog in order to post updates from Nigeria during our second evangelistic trip there. It worked so good that we decided to move our Mile Marker updates from to this blog.

This is much easier to update and has proven to be an effective way to communicate with friends and family around the world.  Plus it is a whole lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, I think we need to celebrate 800 posts and 100,000 page views. What do you think?

There is no way to know who actually makes the 100,000th view so here is what we will do.  Each person that makes a comment at any time on Saturday (today) on any of the 800 posts will be eligible for a prize. The prize will be our Live CD or gift card of some kind if you already have the CD.  We will draw a name from all the names of commenters. Each comment will earn a place in the drawing. If you comment on five different posts you will be entered five times.  

Spam comments will not be entered. How will you know it was a fair drawing? We will let Odie draw the name. Everybody trusts Odie.

This should be fun. Comment away. We will announce the winner on Monday.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Hey Bro Davy! This is so much fun. So glad to hear the wonderful reports of the tent revivals. God bless y'all.
    Michael Johnson

  2. Have i commented on anything today?...Oh yeah...just did! Way to go on the blog!

  3. You know if that CD was Hank the church dog...Just a thought!!

    God Bless!

  4. You crack me up, Bro. Ray!


    Hey, does this comment mean I could have a chance to win?

  5. Hmmm sounds fun. Congrats on the 800th post!!!!
    Love you and miss you all!!!!!

  6. You guys have so much fun I love it!!!!! We really love you all and are praying for you. Blessings...

  7. Hmmmm......


    Well....... Hmmmm.........

    Oh, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. That day is still so vivid in my memory. I was only 11yo and you guys were just a cple years older than

    Love you guys.
    Be safe out there and hurry home.

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  10. Bubba, You are hilarious! Thanks for all of the Spam! I accept both comments as entries... lol


  11. Dear Bro. Davy,
    I was looking at your wedding pictures and was wondering who that good looking guy was. I didn't recognize him. lol. Congrats on everything you have accomplished.
    P.S. If your looking for a spot to put your tent this fall, we have a vacant lot next to our church.

  12. Another Spam comment...

    Slice SPAM, roll in cornmeal, fry (bacon grease preferably), mustard on the bread - Ah! They may serve this at the marriage supper of the Lamb!

    1. Ray, that sounds really good. I also appreciate the " gelatinous glaze, or aspic".
      Aspic! Now we're talkin'!
      The Ruskies fought and defeated the Germans one very cold winter in WWII and gave a large part of the credit to Spam in their bellies and Studebaker trannies on their tanks. Probably had to melt the aspic with their tongues. Mmmm.

    2. You know Boggsie, the Spam comments have brought to my mind some other fine culinary delights that people really don't appreciate...Such as Vienna Sausages and Beannie Weenies. Now that's high class fare!


  14. Read your Blog ever morning and enjoy it. Love you and your family. Mom

  15. Hi! Hope all is well!
    Excited bout September!
    Luv Sis. H

  16. Congratulations to our friends!!

    Bruce and Priscilla


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