Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tent Goes Up in Miami, Oklahoma

Tent set up went extremely well in Miami, Oklahoma. Pastor Mike Stephens and his men worked hard and well and in no time at all the tent was up. Bro. Jimmy Millikin was also there and working hard as well. Bro. Colton Cravatt, one of the young men traveling with us for a few weeks, had his mom and dad her and they  were helping too. We appreciate all the hard work. 

We had a great tent revival here in Miami last year and we are expecting more blessings from the Lord again this week. We will have the first service Sunday evening at 5:00. It is supposed to be very hot the first couple of days this week. Please pray that it will be cooler in the evening.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Everything is laid out the stakes are in the ground and it is time for a break!

We had just enough wind blowing to make it interesting...

After the tent was up we went for a nice Mexican lunch. It was very good.

This is what I ordered...

Bro. Jimmy said that he made the mistake of ordering the same thing I did!


  1. Trust me, I'm sure Jimmy had no problems eating it!! LOL!

  2. Good to hear from you, Bro. Kevin. We have been praying for you all.

    Actually, Jimmy only ate half of that burrito. SOMEBODY else ate the second half....


  3. Haha! That's funny. He must have been really reserved that day! LOL! Thanks for the prayers! Everything seems to be going good.


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