Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Under the Tent.

I have been posting in the evening the last few days so if you missed yesterday's post you will find it HERE

It is HOT in Oklahoma this week!.

Leave it to me to pick the hottest week so far this year for Tent Revival in Miami, Oklahoma. It is forecast to be a scorcher this afternoon and the next few days.

I know from experience that it can cool down to a tolerable level with a little wind and a slight reduction in temperature. Please help us pray that it will not be as hot as they are predicting. Just the threat of record temps will often keep some folks away. God certainly knows what we need but He has instructed us to seek Him and to ask Him and to make our needs known to Him. I will be doing that a lot the next few days and I am asking you for your help.

We had a great service this morning inside the church here at Faith Pentecostal Church. God visited with us and help us in a sweet and powerful way. We are expecting that to carry over right into the tent services this evening.

It is time to eat a small bite now and then venture out into the sun to prepare for service. I always set up the sound system at least two hours before church on the first night in order to be ready for surprises. They start at 5:00 on Sunday nights so it is about that time.

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