Monday, June 4, 2012

Special Visitors

We have been blessed with many visitors in the Owensburg tent revival. We have had visitors from members of local churches, Pastors, Missionaries and most importantly visitors from the community of Owensburg itself.

The visitors from the community are obviously the most important since we came here to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Pastor Lakes and the Tunnel Hill church have went to considerable expense of their time, talent and treasure for that purpose.

They desire, as I desire, to take the message we know and love outside the walls of the church. I concluded long ago that the people were not coming to our churches therefore I was called to take church to them.

Bro. Lakes phrased it almost as I did. He told the Tunnel Hill church, "It is obvious Owensburg is not coming to us so let's go to them."

This Pastor and this church have made a supreme effort to do just that. Every single person in this community that I have interacted with and invited to tent revival has already received an invitation from somebody in the church. That is awesome!

So Owensburg, Indiana is hearing the Gospel, the local church is being used and blessed of God, faith is being strengthened, lives are being touched and we are having a ball in the process. Does it get any better than that?

Well, yes it does. When special friends drive for hours to be with us and join in the fun it is like icing on the cake. Or better yet, like real butter on a piece of Pecan pie warmed in the microwave! Whew! That is good!

The special visitors that made our day were Renae Coffman and her oldest daughter Jacqueline. When they heard we were staying past Friday they drove over Saturday morning and spent the afternoon with us and attended tent revival that night.

Renae is our Pastor's daughter and she has been our special friend for many years. She and Jacqueline brought a little extra sunshine in an already good week. It was a great blessing to see them.

Thank you, Renae and Jacqueline for going out of your way to come see us. We love you much!

Sunday morning we had church inside and conviction followed us right in. It was wonderful to feel God reaching for men and women. 
We also had another great service under the tent last night. Please keep praying for this meeting. 


  1. This is Nathan Bittle and i seen your web site and thought i would visit and i very glad that God is still blessing the Boggs. I hope for a great meeting where you are and i wish there were more churches that would reach out like that.

  2. This is an awesome post, Bro. Davy! We have been praying for this in Danville too!


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