Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Schedule Change - Weir, Kansas

Due to the extreme record breaking heat with no end in sight, we are cancelling the Tent Revival scheduled for July 2-6 in Weir, Kansas. We continue to have great services here at Miami but the heat has definitely affected the amount of visitors we are receiving. With the oppressive heat, Pastor Fellers felt like it would hinder the revival in Weir so he decided to cancel and do it another time. I completely agree.

We were already scheduled to be near Reeds Spring, Missouri on Sunday, July 1st and we still intend to be there. We may head northwest toward Montana after that. Surely we can run into cooler weather eventually. We gave up five days of rest at the end of July. We rescheduled our revival in Wichita that we canceled at the last minute to stay in Owensburg, Indiana. It looks like the Lord just gave those days of rest back to us...

If you know anybody that was planning to be with us in Weir, please let them know of the change in schedule....


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