Friday, June 22, 2012

Scheduled Time Off

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We spent our three days off near Springfield in Ozark, Missouri parked in the little gravel parking lot RV park behind Lambert's Cafe, the home of throwed rolls. Of course we ate at Lambert's a time or two.

One thing we crave at times is sitting outside and watching the sun go down. We miss this because most nights we are in church. We sat outside all three evenings and enjoyed it so much. The weather each evening was beautiful.


Kelly Jo and Odie spent some time kicking around Springfield and Branson which is only 30 miles from Lambert's. I spent most of each day resting, reading and taking care of paper work that has to be done to keep things rolling. I also did some work on the bus and messed with the trailer some but nothing serious.

Thursday afternoon we all drove to Branson and met Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shauna Millikin, their children and Bro. Marty Millikin at Sight and Sound. We have heard quite a bit about Sight and Sound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and in Branson but we had never been. This year they are doing a live production of the life of Joseph and it was amazing.

I love the story of Joseph. You can see the providence of God all through his life and his incredible forgiveness of his brothers is both inspiring and convicting. 

We topped the evening off with another visit to Lambert's. We really enjoyed the fellowship and the meal. We love working with the Millikins and we love and cherish them as dear friends.

This afternoon we made our way to Miami, Oklahoma and everything is measured, marked and ready to raise the tent Saturday morning. We had a nice meal and great fellowship with Bro. John and Sis. Julie Stephens this evening. We are looking forward to lots more of that.

God bless you all...


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  1. we went to sight and sounds in branson a year or two ago when they did noah and the ark. it was amazing!! i'd love to see the story of joseph too! hope all is well!!! :)

    Adriene B.


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