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On The Road Again - Newsletter June, 2012

It is time for Odie's "On The Road Again" Newsletter again. We mailed it Friday but since we did not have internet on the laptop I could not publish it here until today. I hope you enjoy it. Odie works hard and receives quite a bit of positive feedback from the newsletter.

As a reminder, the schedule can and does change from time to time so always call us to confirm that we will be where the printed schedule places us before you drive a long distance. 

God bless,


On The Road Again!
Published by Boggs Family Ministries

Volume 10 Issue 3
June 15, 2012

Boggs Family Ministries
 P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH  45068

Tent Revival Excitement

Odie’s View
From The Back.”
   Hello to everyone out there in newsletter land.  I am coming to you live today from Claremore, Oklahoma.  But first lets take a news break.
   I left you last time in Tifton, Georgia.  We had great time with Pastor Tony Walker and the folks at Pineview Holiness Baptist.  When we are with the Walkers we laugh over old times and make new memories along the way.  We will definitely not forget this time.
   Easter 2012 we were in Evansville, Indiana.  It is amazing to watch God move for Pastor John Eaton and the congregation at Full Gospel Mission. We love going there every chance we can.
   Next on the schedule was R&R.  We had planned this for over a year.  Mom and Dad went into seclusion and I went home to be with family.  It was wonderful for all us!!!
   During that time I was able to attend Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference.  I was so happy Aunt Karen Boggs allowed me to tag along with her, Deidre and Mekenzie Noel.  PFYC is an awesome experience!!  This year around 6,000 Holiness people gathered in Louisville, Kentucky desiring a move of God in our lives.
   I had a wonderful time with lots of family and friends during the R&R.  Thanks to all of you for putting up with me!! 
   It is always a treat to catch a few services at the our home church at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church.  We are blessed with the privilege to call Bro. Bennie Sutherland our pastor.  I love him, Sis. Jane and our church so much!!
   Finally it was time to get in the saddle again.  It was nice to be in revival close to home a couple of weeks.  Corwin Pentecostal Church is just down the hill from where my Dad was raised.  The church is  full of family history for us.  Many of these folks had a great influence on my Dad as a boy. We were honored when Pastor Acy Lamb invited us.  God blessed us with a wonderful revival!!!
   We always enjoy being with Pastor Bill Lamb at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio.  This time was no exception.  The Lord blessed from the beginning to the end of the meeting.
   Bro. Shobanke from Nigeria was in the U.S. at that time.  We had the blessing of having him with us a couple days.  He was a great blessing to the revival at Anchor and to our family.
   On Mothers Day we began revival in Brooks, Kentucky.  It is a great honor for us to be with Pastor Doug Webb.  God is blessing their labor at Calvary Holiness.  We were thrilled to be a part of it for a few services.
   Then it was time for the blue and white gospel tent to go up in Paducah, Kentucky. It was a big job to get the tent up this time.  It was on very solid ground.  Many people worked for hours to get it set up.
   Pastor T. L. Futral and the folks at Paducah Holiness were ready for revival.  God visited us greatly each night in the altar services.  He saved, encouraged and healed.
   During five of our tent revivals this summer we have added Bro. Caleb Bontrager and Bro. Colton Cravatt to our team. They have helped a lot with the labor of the tent meetings and also helping shoulder the burden of the services.  We are blessed to have them with us!
   From Paducah we traveled to Owensburg, Indiana.  From our arrival in town we had several obstacles to work through but the church people of Tunnel Hill were amazing in helping us get passed them!!
   The revival was great.  We had sinners praying and church people receiving help.  It was scheduled to go Sunday- Friday.  On Friday night Dad and  Pastor Dallas Lakes felt like extending six more services.  Everything fell into place for it to be possible and God continued to meet us each service in a special way.
   Thanks to Pastor John DiZazzo and the Bethany Revival Center for allowing us to reschedule.  We hope to see you soon!! You all are great!
   Tent Revival is in full swing at Westside Holiness Church.  We are excited to be working with Pastor Darrell Meadow, and Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shauna Millikin.
   Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again.

All These Dates Are Subject to Change (Like Maybe Tomorrow)
For Our Full Schedule Please Check Our Website

 · June 24-29 TENT REVIVAL Miami, OK, Pastor Mike Stephens
· July 2-6 TENT REVIVAL Weir, KS, Pastor James Fellers
· July 15-22 TENT REVIVAL Florence, MT, Pastor Mike Metzger
· August 5-10 TENT REVIVAL New Castle, IN, Pastor Brian Hisle
· August 12 Sharonville, OH, Homcoming, Pastor Randy Brown
· August 12-17 (Tentative) TENT REVIVAL, Waynesville, OH
· August 19 & 20 Hodgenville, KY, Homecoming 19th @ Noon, Sing 20th, Pastor David Webb
· August 21-24 Attend Dryden Rd. Indoor Campmeeting, Pastor Bennie Sutherland
· August 26-30 Central City, KY Homecoming, Pastor Alan Harris
· September 2-7 Dothan, AL, Homecoming, Pastor Dewayne Watson
· September 9-14 TENT REVIVAL Elba, AL, Pastor Jon Isaacs
· September 16-20 Scheduled Time Off
· September 23-28 TENT REVIVAL Richton, MS, Pastor Scott Morris, Homecoming Service 30th AM
· September 30 Ellisville, MS,  PM Service, Pastor Kenny Morris
· October 2-5 Attend Bond Campmeeting
· October 7-12 Wartburg, TN, Beechfork Holiness, Pastor Herman Woods
· October 14-19 Pine Prairie, LA, Pastor Barry Gautreaux

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