Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good News/Not So Good News

I took the new tire to the local Firestone dealer in Claremore yesterday and received some good news.
My brand new $189 tire that struggled to hold air on the way here appears to be in fine shape.

It has no punctures, broken belts or weak spots that they could see at all. It seems the tread and side walls suffered no damage from running at 40lbs of pressure until we noticed it in Missouri.

They said it was mounted correctly and sealed good on the rim. It is in near perfect balance and the metal valve stem is as good as new.

That's all good news! Then where is all the air going? That is a very good question.

The last time I aired it up to 80lbs it was down in the low 40s in 20-25 miles! The air has to be escaping some where. Right?

Correct! That is where the not so good news comes in to the picture. The new tire is not leaking but the beautiful aluminum wheel is leaking!

Fortunately the spare is mounted on an aluminum wheel as well so I still have six good wheels. I am looking this week for an inexpensive used replacement. If I can not find one it is no big deal. I can mount the spare on a cheap steal rim and be good to go.

So even not so good news isn't really completely bad news. I am thankful the tire seems to have escaped unscathed AND I am Not in a position where I Must spend $150-200 on a new aluminum wheel. Praise God!

Tent revival is going great! Bro. Millikin was supposed to preach last night but somebody did not exercise restraint. Thank God for the Fifth Amendment or I might say too much right now.

The folks responded good and we had lots of visitors too. I can not wait to see what God is going to do!

Mexican for lunch today so I know that will be good too!



  1. Question?

    Why didn't this rim leak with the old tire?....or did it?

  2. Exactly. It did not leak before. Probably weakened and the changing process pushed it over. Tire shop probably not liable and certainly unprovable.



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