Monday, June 18, 2012

Baptizing Under The Tent!

Wow! The last night of Tent Revival in Claremore ended with a bang! What a service! Praise God!

Pastor Darrell Meadow called for a prayer line before turning the service to us. It was tremendous. God was helping folks and we were rejoicing.

Afterward we had a good altar service and then the baptismal service. When all was said and done over 30 people were baptized under the tent. Some one told me later the number was 38.

Most of those baptized were already saved before now but some were saved during tent revival and many made new commitments. We praise God for every one. It was a wonderful service.

All the pictures below are from the baptizing. It was too dark to take pictures while taking down the tent.

The tent did come down well and we had plenty of help. We can not do this on our own and the Claremore people really jumped in good. Thank you all for your hard work.

Today is a work and travel day. I will explain tomorrow. God bless and enjoy the pictures. I was singing and taking pictures so I did not get pictures of everybody.



  1. Brother Davy

    I am really curious about the part of your post that states "...the Claremore people really jumped in good..."??? Does that mean that Brother Darrell did a "Preachers Seat" in the pool?! Great Pictures!


  2. Hilarious! The double back flip was amazing!



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