Thursday, June 14, 2012

Extra Grease!

There is a Ron's a couple of miles from us in Claremore so some of us went there for lunch Wednesday. I ordered a Double Big Daddy and it was very good.

This Ron's tends to be a little less greasy than some of the other locations. Regular readers know that my motto for food is Greasy and Cheesey! Less grease is not good.

At this Ron's I always tell the waitress to instruct the cooks to leave the grease in the hamburger. They always get a kick out of it but I assure them I am serious.

This waitress made a note of it on the ticket for the cooks to read...

Isn't that hilarious? "Extra Grease" Soooo funny!

Service was great again last night. We had several first time visitors. God is reeling them in!


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