Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Everything Goes Well - Same Song, 2nd Verse

I have been posting the last several days from my phone because we have no other access to the Internet here. Yesterday phone service was extremely slow and Blogger would not open. Other things opened after a long wait so Blogger could have been having a problem too.

Tent Revival is still going extremely well. The crowds have been good and the altar services are great every night. I have ended up empty handed the last few nights reaching for the lost but the message is going out and that is what I am here to do.

The church is responding well and folks are getting help from the Lord when they come for special prayer. We have one more service tonight and then we plan to take everything down, pack it up and head to Oklahoma.

Although the Lord is blessing and we are enjoying His presence Not Everything Goes Well as I wrote the other day.

I discovered yesterday that our house batteries need to be replaced as soon as possible. We knew shortly after buying the BoggsMobile they would need to be replaced but we have kept putting it off.

You may remember I replaced the starting batteries at the end of December but these are an entirely different set of batteries.

We have saved toward the expense of this but each time we have spent it on something else important like tires, our live CD, missions, and most recently our little green machine.

Since we never park on battery power alone, we thought we could put this off indefinitely. However, I found out recently that if one of these batteries goes completely bad it could damage one or both of our inverters and those are Really expensive.

I removed the panels yesterday to look at the batteries and at least two of them are swollen. That moved this project from the back burner in a hurry. Since they are over four years past due it is time to bite the bullet.

The house battery bank has eight 4D AGM batteries and the best brand runs about $500 each plus shipping. An acquaintance offered the same brand at $451 each with reduced shipping. That is a kind and generous offer but still very steep for us.

I have a friend who has a friend who has a battery business and he has offered his brand at nearly $150 less per battery. He can't offer the same warranty but he stands behind his product and is a good man.

I am very thankful he is willing to offer such a good price but it is still a big hit for us right now.

It could not come at a worse time...

Or could it?

You can go back to the 1st verse and chorus for my definitive answer.

God is faithful. God is working when we can not see Him. And God owes me no explanations!



  1. I commit $100.00. Every bit will help, I know.

    Where should I send it?

  2. Thank you, Tommy. That is very kind. I appreciate your willingness to help. You know you do not have to do that. That is not why I am here or why I write posts like this one.

    It is always a fine line on the blog between giving too much information or not enough. I want folks to know that they can trust God even when it is difficult. God will always help. I guess you are proving that too.

    Thank you again.


  3. Yes, I can understand your position. On the other hand, your bloggers and I can appreciate the detailed information we get (daily) about you and your families ministry and some of the miracles that God has done, and is doing, for you (please don't stop giving us too much information). As your brother, I see you guys maybe a handful of times per year. I love the fact that this blog lets me stay more "in-tune" with what, where, and how you all are doing. Keep up the awesome work God has called all of you to do. Please know that we are continually praying for you.

    Love you guys,

  4. Thanks again, Tommy. I am thankful for faithful readers like you that are concerned for us and pray for us. It is a big encouragement. You started a trend concerning the batteries. I will tell more about it on today's blog.


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