Sunday, June 3, 2012

Details of Schedule Change This Week

Often on Sunday morning I post a Travel Day blog describing our Saturday on the road. Today is quite a bit different.

We had planned to take down the tent in Owensburg, Indiana after service Friday night and leave early Saturday and drive to Wichita, Kansas to begin revival today for Pastor John DiZazzo and Bethany Revival Center. But it seems to us that God had different plans.

During the service Friday night Pastor Lakes and I both felt a stirring to continue the tent revival here in Owensburg. I nearly shrugged it off because rescheduling or canceling revivals on very short notice is not something I am comfortable doing.

I realize how much effort many churches put into having revival and I do not take that lightly. Plus we love going to Bethany and always have tremendous services there. I knew they were ready for revival and I was ready to go.

However I could not shake the feeling that this tent revival needed to continue. All of this back and forth was going on in my mind as we were having a great break through in the altar service.

Now, let me insert something here. I have learned that I can not decide about continuing a revival based on whether or not we are having a good or bad service. That will not work for me at all. I love having a super service on the last night! I would hate to close every revival with a bad service.

You see what I mean? So that will not work. I have to have some clear direction from the Lord and that is what Bro. Lakes and I both felt like we had Friday night.

Bro. Lakes called the owner of the property to see if we could leave the tent up a few more days. The property owner was fine with it.

I called Bro. DiZazzo to see if he would allow me to reschedule at the last minute. He was kind and gracious as always and gave me the permission I needed to stay.

Bro. DiZazzo and his folks understand the value of the sovereign move of God in lives and a community. They were very encouraging to me in this situation and I am indebted to them for that.

So last night we were under the tent again and God met with us in a special way. My Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland, taught me that often you know more about the quality of a decision after you make it than before.

Last night's service under the tent was proof of that. All my self doubt about staying here melted away as God touched lives in the altar. Praise God!

We will have church in the church this morning and then we plan to be back under the tent tonight through Wednesday night. We are looking forward to see what God is going to do in Owensburg, Indiana.

Please continue to pray for us.


This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. I Timothy 1:15


  1. Hey Brother Davy
    Phillip was in the same situation only God moved on him to leave a great revival... and go into the desert. I understand about scheduling and meeting expectations but we are to be Spirit led.

    God Bless!

  2. That would be great if me and all my equipment were translated to the next meeting. It sure would save on diesel! I hope Odie doesn't get left behind!


  3. The Steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD...
    (Psalms 37:23)


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