Monday, May 6, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 5/6/19

This weekend was packed with lots of fun like last weekend, but with 1500 miles less driving. That is what I am talking about!

We had pretty good Mexican food nearly every day in Ardmore and Friday was included. Then we had the grand finale of revival with a full house. We appreciate friends that visited. Pastor JJ Stevens brought 30 people from Ft. Worth, Texas! Awesome!

We had food and fellowship afterward.

Add Ardmore to the places that the Mayhans have visited us during revival. Thankfully, this one was not too far from their home.

We had food and fellowship afterward.

There is nothing quite as exciting on Saturday morning as an obstacle course for the bus. It is a good thing Kelly Jo is a great driver.


Once we had the bus in the street and the car hooked up, we only had about an hour to drive. Soon we were snuggled into our very familiar spot at the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas.

We were in Gainesville to see the Isaacs Saturday night and Sunday morning and to sing and preach at House of Prayer Sunday night. All went as planned and it was a super great weekend.

In addition to the Isaacs, we met our little great nephew Charlie for the first time. He is only one month old and we are very thankful that Ben and Deidre brought him over.

After his first Gospel concert, little Charlie said, "Would someone get me an aspirin?"

The Saturday event was at the Jr. High School and Sunday morning was in a Baptist Church. We enjoyed both very much! No matter what Charlie said!

Sunday night we were scheduled to be with our dear friends at the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas. Some of you may remember that we were here in revival in January right before our BoggsMobile saga that began January 24. Pastor King and the church were divinely inspired to pray for us at a specific moment during our second breakdown and they also sent a prayer clothe and a generous offering. While I was so close, I wanted to stop in to say "Thank you" in person. We had a marvelous service too.

That pretty much wraps up our great, great weekend. We have another busy week lined up in Texas and then we will move into Oklahoma on Thursday by God's grace. Thank you for joining us for the ride.


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