Monday, May 27, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 5/27/19

The resting trend that began Thursday evening continued into Friday morning until lunch, then Kelly Jo and I hit the ground running between visits for salsa and more salsa. KJ disposed of a vast accumulation of cardboard and I mowed the grass at the ranch. Each time I mow, I am more and more thankful that my Dad takes care of this task the majority of the time.

Saturday was reserved for the graduation celebration of my brother's son Jonas. He graduated Sunday, but we gathered early on Saturday for an all day affair. Tommy and Holly laid out a big spread and I would say a few hundred people were there to enjoy it. Congratulations, Jonas!

Jonas has studied hard and done well all through school. He is enrolled in college to study engineering in the fall.

Saturday evening Kelly Jo went to the laundry and I moseyed over to the Dodds Fellowship hall for Pastor Kelly Rogers son's graduation party for a few minutes. The only truly productive thing I did was used my Dad's truck to pull the trailer out of the barn and get it in position to easily hook to the bus on Sunday. Kelly and I finished that just as the rains came for the evening.

Sunday we went to our home church on Sunday morning. We had a wonderful service and it was great to be home.

When church was over, we dropped Odie at her house to prepare to roll and then we began the same preparations with the bus, the tent trailer, the car and the barn. We pulled out about 2:00. This was the view from Odie's front door when I walked over to make sure it was locked.

We drove 233 miles before we gave up and pulled into a rest area in Illinois. This is the first trip with the tent trailer since December and I wanted to get some miles behind me and determine if there were any problems with it. I only had one small problem.

When I stopped, I noticed the little cap was missing from the centerpiece of the front left wheel. On closer inspection, it was knocked off by the dust cover on the hub. I just had that dust cover off, so that was a surprise. 

I had to jack up the trailer at the rest area and remove the tire to get the dust cover back on. With Kelly Jo's expert supervision, the job was completed in a few minutes.

There is a possibility that I did not get it back on correctly last week OR that I bent it while taking it off and it will not stay on. I will watch it closely today while we travel. I think I may have a spare.

That is the whole reason I left a day early. We have some built in time for delays. I have learned from experience to allow a little extra time.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for reading.


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