Saturday, May 25, 2019

Preparations, Celebrations, Memorial Day and Birthdays

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Ohio. We are home to pick up the tent trailer and prepare for a busy tent revival season. Our tent revivals start in a few weeks. Dad is busy trying to prepare the trailer to be pulled many miles and also loading the equipment we will need. We have several towns on our tent revival schedule for this year and we would love to have you join us in under the Gospel Tent. Please check our schedule page to find our upcoming dates. 

Graduation Celebration 
This is an exciting day for the Boggs clan. We are taking a few hours to celebrate high school graduation of my cousin Jonas. My Aunt Holly asked us three years ago to be home for this special day. The time has arrived and I am glad to be here today!

Memorial Day
Monday is Memorial Day. We have had lots of close family and friends that now live in Heaven. Our human hearts ache for the loss of these dear people! Many of them I think of and miss them nearly every day. I long for the grand reunion day in Heaven, that day is going to be incredible. I look forward to no more goodbyes!

My Sister 
One very important person that I long to meet in Heaven is my little sister, Ali Elizabeth. I was just 18 months old when she joined our family. Sadly God only allowed us to keep her mere hours on earth, but she holds a permanent place in my heart. Her short life here was filled with struggles and God chose to heal her by Heaven. I look forward to seeing her whole in Heaven very soon. 

I wish that we could have spent a lifetime together making memories. I am missing her this week a little more than usual. Ali’s birthday was this week and she would have been 32. I think of my “Ali Beth” often and imagine what life would have been like with her by my side. We share one little thing together and that is our initials, A. E. B. My name is Andrea Eve Boggs and hers is Ali Elizabeth Boggs. I am grateful that I was blessed with a special little sister.

Papaw Eugene Boggs 
Happy birthday on Tuesday to my Papaw Eugene. Papaw, I love you so much! You are awesome and I am proud to proclaim to the world that I am a Papaw’s girl! I hope you have a fantastic birthday with lots of ice cream!!

Thanks, Papaw, for working so hard behind the scenes at home for us. It is a huge blessing to our family and our ministry! I thank God for you and pray that He blesses you with health and strength.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend.


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