Monday, May 13, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

It has been another wonderful weekend. This morning I am here to tell you about it and also give some photographic evidence.

It began Friday morning in the Walmart parking lot on the south end of OKC at Santa Fe and I-240. I slipped out of the BoggsMobile early and went to Walmart to prepare for Mother's Day on the bus. There was no last minute planning for me, I had two days to spare.

I found a nice card, candy and some beautifully presented roses. It does not take much to impress any woman mushy enough in the brain to have children with me. Do not get me wrong, Kelly Jo is one of the smartest people I know, but choosing me was the one questionable moment in her life.

It has been good for me and Odie though. I quote KJ a line from my Pastor occasionally. He says to people once they are married, "You may have been rooked and crooked to get to this point, but you are took!" Sorry about Kelly Jo's luck, but I am the luckiest guy in the world because she is the Mother of my children!

Shortly after 10:00 I hooked up the Green Machine to the bus, cranked up and headed for the big city of Paden, Oklahoma. Once we found the city, we turned north into the country for about five miles to Burnett Mission Holiness Church. This was our first ever visit to Burnett Mission, but they embraced us so warmly.

We were amazed by how many people go to church there that we know or have been seeing and talking to at camp meetings and revivals other places for years. We felt very much at home.

This was a family-themed weekend and we were only there two nights so we jumped right in. Both services were really good and very quickly our visit was over. Saturday after church, a few of the men helped us pack our equipment and soon we were gone again.

It was very nice of Pastor Terry Garner and his family and church to have us. We appreciate the hospitality and generosity. Odie snapped a few pictures both nights to share with you.

We were hooked up and ready to go by 10:10 Saturday night and go we did. We were on country roads for about 45 minutes and then rolled onto the turnpike in Bristow. From there it was pretty much a straight shot to Claremore.

We pulled into Westside Holiness Church about midnight and Pastor Jimmy Millkin was waiting for us when we arrived. We were so happy to see him that it is a wonder we did not stay up all night visiting. Level heads prevailed and after we had the bus settled we laid down for a nap a little after 1:00.

We loaded in our equipment with a quick sound check Sunday morning and enjoyed two wonderful services. The Mothers were celebrated during the service Sunday And Sunday night, as they should be. I think we all cried a few tears for the blessings of the Mothers we have with us and the memories of the Mothers who are gone. It was a great day.

We will have four nights of revival this week Monday-Thursday. Then we will break for graduations this weekend and then pick up revival services next Sunday by God's grace. We would love to have you join us.

Thank you for reading today.


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