Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Best Laid Plans and All That Jazz

We had a nice little plan worked out for the first part of this week and it worked out different and better than we had planned. Our two main goals for Monday through Wednesday were to get a mattress repaired and to sing and preach for our friends in Keller, Texas. We got both of those accomplished, so it is all good.

When we first purchased the bus in 2008, one of the highest priority changes was the mattresses on our bed in the back. Yes, I did say mattresses, plural. The base of the bed is a platform and we can raise the head of the bed on each side, independently from the other side, to a sitting position. There was a mattress on each side. The original mattresses were a custom sized and round on one corner to match the platform. 

The mattresses were also fastened to the platform and they were worn slap out. We wanted to retain the platform raising option so we went on the hunt for custom size mattress as cheap as possible.

Bro. Kenneth Rowe was living and pastoring in the Ft. Worth area and he loves a good hunt. He found City Mattress Factory in Haltom City and away we went. We loved their prices. Most places we checked wanted double the price for a custom size.

At City Mattress Factory if your custom size is smaller than a twin, you pay the twin price.
If your custom size is between a twin and full, you pay the full-size price.
If your custom size is between a full and queen, you pay the queen-size price.
If your custom size is between a queen and king, you pay the king-size price.

Both of our custom sized mattresses were smaller than twin so we paid for two twin mattress and we were satisfied. Odie purchased one of their better mattresses custom fitted for her bunk and it is still going strong.

We found that we did not really use the option to raise the head of the bed much so eight years later, we were in Ft. Worth area and purchased a better one piece mattress custom sized to the platform in the bus. The two mattresses we first purchased are now being used in Odie's bedroom in the house.

Wow! I just read all of that and it is convoluted. Figure it out if you can, but none of it is essential to understanding the meaning of life.

Now our less than three year old mattress needed a repair covered by warranty. Tuesday was the day. 

After rush hour traffic was clear from Ft. Worth, I drove the bus Monday night to City Mattress Factory. They said if we were there on Tuesday morning, they would have the warranty repair finished by closing time. The plan was to make our way to the Keller church Tuesday night after rush hour to be in place for Wednesday.

They came to the bus at 7:00 AM for the mattress and by 8:30 AM they were finished and loading it in the bus. Wow! That was fast and called for a change of plans.

There was no sense cooling our heels in Haltom City all day with the traffic clear, so I hit the road in the bus and drove all the way back to Gainesville while the girls spent the day in retail therapy. This puts us much closer to Oklahoma City this morning, where we need to be by noon or so today.

Keller, Texas
Since we parked in Gainesville, we simply drove the Green Machine back to Keller, Texas to church last light. We had a great time with our dear friends at Keller, Texas for their Wednesday night service. 

We have enjoyed many revival services with Pastor Kenneth Rowe and these wonderful friends. Bro. Rowe is now retired and Bro. Sheldon Jones is now the Pastor. It was so good to be there.

Odie snapped a few pictures to preserve the moment. I will close this post with those pictures. Thank you for joining us today.


The small ramp built into the platform was built especially for Odie many years ago.

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