Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Isaacs in Gainesville Texas

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Paden, Oklahoma. We are having a great time with Pastor Terry Garner and the congregation at Burnett Mission Holiness Church. We are here for a two day family weekend. 

Tomorrow revival begins at Westside Holiness Church. I am anticipating a move of God in this revival! We are excited to be with Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Shauna Millikin and our friends in Claremore. To our many Tulsa area friends, we invite you to join us during the revival. 

Revival is scheduled for Sunday through Thursday. There will not be service Friday night due to a graduation! We will also be at Westside Sunday, May 19 too and revival could continue a few days. Stay tuned for more details in future posts here. 

Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely ladies reading this post. I am so grateful for you. Many of you have impacted my life and you are special to me! I can not say thank you enough for your investments in me. I hope and pray God has a wonderful blessing for you this weekend! I love you dearly!

Below is a recent picture of my Mom and me with Cherish Cheek

My Mother, Kelly Jo Boggs, is an incredible person. She is my real life Super Hero! I get the honor of having the world’s best Mom!  I know that God handpicked her just for me. He knew exactly what I needed and I am so thankful for my Mother!

My mom and I share a tight bond. She is the one who understands me the most. She is my friend, companion, corrector and encourager. Mom knows the good, bad and the ugly about me, yet she still loves me! We pick and joke about each other, but we have each other’s back. I will fight you if you mess with my Mom. She is absolutely awesome in my eyes!

Mom, I love you more than I can express with words! Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. I know that you have worked hard to be the greatest mom a girl could ask for. Your unselfish love and commitment to my care are amazing! I appreciate you so much! I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Isaacs in Gainesville, Texas 

Last weekend was an incredible weekend. We were able to be with the Isaacs two services in a row in the same city. I enjoyed and soaked up the singing and music both times. I am a committed Isaacs fan. I love to see them sing and play whenever possible. Seeing them two days in a row and three times in nine days is a fabulous treat! 

Did you see the blog last Saturday? It is also about the Isaacs. 

Each time that I get to attend an Isaacs performance, I am so happy. Their music brightens my day! It in inspires and uplifts me every time! I always find some hidden gems in the music and singing that wows me! I often say it is so good that is hurts me, but it is an awesome kind of pain!

The Isaacs are my dear family and I love them so much! I always enjoy spending time with them any chance that I can. They go way out of their way to make me feel well loved! I definitely know I am not near as special as they make me feel. 

These Gainesville events were hosted by football legend Terry Bradshaw. Mr. Bradshaw is a friend to the Isaacs and he loves their music. He wanted to bring the Isaacs to Gainesville, Texas so that his local community could enjoy The Isaacs music. Terry and his wife were also at both services. It was fun to be in Gainesville for these concerts! 

A super special bonus Saturday night was getting to see my cousin Deidre, Ben and baby Charlie Shoemaker. Dad mentioned it here too. I was thrilled to officially meet Charlie and snuggle him. He is absolutely as precious as I  had already suspected. He definitely has an extra special place in Auntie O’s ❤️. That special place grew even more when I held him in my arms. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I will close with pictures of the Isaacs from Saturday night and Sunday morning. Have a great weekend!


The Isaacs at Gainesville Junior High Saturday night 

This picture is blurry because I was cheering on my buddy Nathan Faucett. I had requested that he do a vocal solo and he hit it out of the park! The solo was like no other one sang that night. It was a wonderful ending to a super fun evening!!

The Isaacs Sunday morning at Crossroads Baptist Church

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  1. Thank you Odie, for all those kind things you said. Next time you better write everything I tell you to say and don’t leave any out!
    ...Just kidding!!
    Love you��
    Mom (KJ)


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