Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Way To Independence

It is difficult for people and nations to obtain independence and even harder still to retain independence. Getting to Independence, Iowa, however, should not be near as difficult.

I remembered the drive to Independence, Iowa to be hard and long. Tuesday I was looking back at the last time we were here and I found out why the memories of the drive were so awful. I put us in a horrible place with my scheduling!😀

In 2011 we closed revival at Beechfork Church northwest of Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday night. We drove 35 minutes to the RV Park in Harriman after church, then loaded up and drove 825 miles to Independence to begin revival on Sunday.

When the revival was over Friday night, we drove almost 600 miles straight home and then flew out Sunday morning to Montana. No wonder I have dreaded this trip. That does not even look good on paper!

This time we took our time getting here and except for some wind, rain and a little trailer trouble, it was a smooth ride, until the last 100 miles. We had stopped to allow some storms to pass and when I cranked the BoggsMobile again, the voltage was doing weird things. I knew what to do for a temporary fix, so I did that, checked in with my friend Jeff from Tennessee and finished the trip.

I was going to do some troubleshooting after we arrived, but it was cold and stormy. After getting parked with the help of the Pastor and then hooking up the electricity, we called it a day. I have since made some progress diagnosing the bus issue and I will bring you up to date a little later.

So between dodging storms and dealing with issues, we took our sweet time to get here. We will have to make a fast exit when revival finishes, but we can not be wimps all of the time.

On the way here, we stopped again at Odie's favorite truckstop. The TA at Walcutt, Iowa is billed as the World's Largest Truck Stop and we can not pass it up. Our poor deprived little girl is well familiar with the Iowa 80 World's Largest Truck Stop. She has been a radio junky since she was very small and has listened for years to the overnight trucking shows when nothing else was on the radio. 

She has heard the Trucking Bozo on 700 WLW and countless others broadcasting live from this place all her life. My baby knew more about the price of diesel, trucking regulations, speed limits, speed traps and truck stops by the time she was 10 years old than any adult I know! It is hilarious!

We had been to Iowa 80 before and I had written about it, but since we were passing right by, we stopped in again.

We finally made it to Independence and we had a great first night of revival! I hope that it gets better and better! Thank you for reading today.


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