Friday, May 10, 2019

Just Another Day and Mother's Day

Just Another Day
Thursday started bright (not really) and early (really) for us. We wanted to get an early start and we did. I unhooked the water hose, cranked the bus, KJ pulled up so I could do the work of the evangelist, she backed up, we hooked up the car and away we went. It was perfect timing too. The rain began after we were safe inside the bus!

I took this picture so you can see why we love parking at the House of Prayer in Gainesville. It has a nice level concrete drive all the way around it. The parking spot is behind the church and completely out of everyone's way.

It is so nice of Pastor Dennis King and his folks for allowing us to park in this beautiful place when we are in the area. It is perfecto.

All I have to do is pull up to do the work of the evangelist.

In a little over two hours after we left, we were parked at Walmart on the south side of Oklahoma City. An hour later the car was unhooked and we were pulling into one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City.

This is the Chelino's at Santa Fe and Grand.

After lunch, we drove to Calvary Holiness Church in Midwest City to help Bro. Kenny Searcy and his church with their new sound system. They purchased a QSC board similar to mine and I tried to tune it in as best I could.

I spent the rest of the day working on sermons for the next two nights at Burnett Mission. It is a weekend with Family as the theme so I am trying to pull it all together. Sunday morning we will begin revival at Westside Holiness Church in Claremore, Oklahoma for Pastor Jimmy Millikin. We are looking forward to all these services.

Thursday evening we ate from the taco truck. Scrumptious!

Mother's Day
Speaking of Sunday, it is Mother's Day. I hope that my Mother, Martha Boggs, has a wonderful Mother's Day. I am saved today, in large part, because my Mother prayed next to my bed every night as I was growing up. As my Mother, she did so much more than that, but nothing any more valuable than that. Thank you, Mother Dear. I love you so much.

I also have Mothers all over the USA that have taken me on as an extra son. Thank you, dear sisters. Your love and concern and prayers for me and my girls are appreciated and loved. Thank you for taking my family as our own. May God reward and bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Sis. Tammy Harris, the wife of Pastor Alan Harris in Central City, Kentucky, lost her Mother this week. My heart breaks for our dear friends. This Mother's Day will be a bittersweet day for Sis. Tammy and I have committed to praying for her especially on Sunday. Will you join me in that prayer? May God cover Sis. Tammy with his presence all day long.

Thank you for stopping by today.


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  1. Thank you, my dear friends for the prayers. God is helping us here in Central City. He has always been, He is, and He will always be...Faithful. We love the Boggs!


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