Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Phoenix to Amarillo June 2009

If the lure of the open road, wide vistas and endless scenic views do not appeal to you, I am afraid you are in the wrong place today. I was digging deep into our archives and blew the digital dust off of some well loved road pictures. I could not wait to share them with you today.

All the road pictures were taken in a single day June 6, 2009, on I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff and on I-40 between Flagstaff and Amarillo, Texas. That length of travel day is now a little beyond my self imposed daily mileage limit, but I was only then beginning to consider limits.

My older, wiser self would never consider that drive in one day, well not this week anyway. 😀

What a fantastic wonderful day it was! It was a bit hazy most of the day, but the extremely varied terrain, the anticipation of what we would see over the next hill and the miles passing under our wheels, transformed a "regular" travel day into a day we will never forget.

Kelly Jo was sitting in her seat with both feet propped up, a cold drink in the holder, Odie's good camera in her hand and a smile plastered from ear to ear. She documented the whole day as we enjoyed the beautiful trip.

I want to show you those pictures in our Vintage View today. If you travel around the country with us on a regular basis and you love seeing the things we see, you are definitely in the right place today. Enjoy.


Climbing out of the valley of the sun into the Saguaro.

Approaching Flagstaff.

Beautiful I-40 in Arizona

Look in Godzilla's mouth.

Welcome to New Mexico!


  1. That brought back some good memories!
    Arizona and then the Cadillac ranch.
    Great pictures!
    See you down the road


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