Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Summary of Our Nigeria Trip 2018

This is a summary of our recent trip to Nigeria. We had a great time with our friends and enjoyed many blessings from the Lord both in the services and in our personal interactions. First I will give you a few summary links and pictures and then I will tell you some of the things going on in Nigeria.

You can always see the latest information that we post about Nigeria HERE. That link will show you the newest post labeled Nigeria and you can go back in time from there. 

You can click on the links below for more information about each event from our trip in 2018.

We enjoyed one service of the camp meeting in Usun State with Pastor Isaac Adewale.

Then we had three days of the Minister's Conference in Abeokuta, Ogun State at Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church.

I preached Saturday night of camp meeting at The Evangel Faith International Mission in Abeokuta.

And four nights of an outdoor Gospel Crusade also in Abeokuta at Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church.

We also had Sunday service inside Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church in Abeokuta

And Sunday service in Ibadan for Pastor Stephen Kuye and Landmark Christ Mission.

We also enjoyed a wonderful day at GoodNews Christian School.

The school is ever expanding and they are in the process of adding a second story to one building. It will give them a net gain of four classrooms. They need more than that, but these four are needed quickly. We have helped them get the construction to this point and we left them a small amount to continue a bit.

I asked Bro. Shobanke to figure how much it would take to finish the building. He called me Wednesday with the figure. They estimate that it will take about $7000 to complete. I would love to see that done as soon as possible.

Several years we have taken or sent with other preachers a large piece of luggage full of supplies for the school. We did the same this year and left a little money to buy more supplies that can be purchased there.

Many of you remember me telling of Dorcas getting saved at the Gospel Crusade in 2009. I believe she said the date was November 29, 2009. With help from two families, we were able to give Dorcas an offering to help with her living expenses and also to purchase her a brand new wheelchair. The chair was purchased after we left and I received this picture by email this week.

The picture below is all the Pastors and the evangelist from Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church. I will list the names left to right going around the room and also list which church they serve.

Pastor Matthew Erinola-Mile 2 Ayetoro Rd, Pastor Steven Balogun-Mile 2 Ayetoro Rd, Pastor Ajose Posu-Osara Rd, Pastor Taiwo Oyenekan-Sare Village, Pastor John Obadimu-Sare Village, Pastor Moses Onifade-Osara Rd, Evangelist Raphel Ashefon-Kemta Main Church, Pastor Isaiah Sajowa-Saje Branch, Pastor John Ajayi-Saje Branch, Pastor Sunday Joseph Babatunde-Kemta Main Church, Pastor Festus Osoko-Kemta Main Church, Pastor Samuel Bamidele-Kemta Main Church, Pastor Dr. Isaac Hunyinbo-Kemta Main Church, General Overseer, E. Ade Shobanke

This is a great group of men that Bro. Shobanke has gathered about him to Pastor these churches. They take care of all the daily care of the churches and Bro. Shobanke has spiritual oversight. It is beautiful to behold.

We spent 15 days in Nigeria this trip and we enjoyed every one of them. Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria have received us and loved us so warmly. We hate to leave them behind. By God's grace, we will be with them again soon.

Thank you for dropping by today.


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