Sunday, November 25, 2018

Our View and Much More November 25th in Nigeria

Today I have our view out the front window and much, much more. I hope you are ready for a bunch of great pictures.

Let us begin with the view out our hotel window in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and then we will move on to pictures from Friday and Saturday of the Minister's Conference.

This was an excellent view after the Minister's Conference on Saturday afternoon.

The conference was excellent in spite of the preaching. We enjoyed the fellowship with God's people from several cities in Nigeria. Many of them we have known from our past visits and some are new friends and we are meeting them for the first time. They always receive us so well here at that is a testimony to Bro. Shobanke's influence.

I heard Bro. Shobanke preach in the 1990s, but I did not get to meet him until Bro. James Fellers brought him to our revival at Bro. Bob Goodwin's in Neosho, Missouri in 2006. Bro. Shobanke invited us to Nigeria and the rest is history. He taught his people to love us and love us they do. We love them very much in return.

There is no way for me to tell you how good the conference was without it sounding like I am saying that what I did made it good. Banish the thought. I did not make anything good. 

I did my duty the best that I could, but God met with these men and women and God blessed us all and God made it good. I stood back in amazement at what God was doing and I count myself blessed to have witnessed it.

Here are some pictures and commentary from both sessions Friday.

I am trying to get the mote out of my brother's eye with a beam in my own eye. It is easy to hate sin in other people's lives, but we must hate sin in our own life. I finally had to get someone else to hold my beam sticking out of my eye and I still could get to the mote in my brother's eye.

Friday morning was a very sobering altar service with a deep move of God.

In the second session I was demonstrating how our running is hindered with more and more weights.

Saturday morning we met with Sis. Dorcas for a few minutes before the first service. Many of you have heard me tell about Dorcas dragging herself to the altar to be saved in 2009. She said it was November 29, 2009! I think I will remember that night the rest of my life.

My 80 year old friend from Lagos, Bro. David.

The altar service Friday afternoon was amazing. God saturated us with a desire to be filled and controlled by His Spirit. Pastors, evangelists, teachers, singers and all manner of church workers were weeping and seeking God for fresh anointing. It really was incredible. 

I was revived, refreshed and renewed!

Many people come and go from long distances over the course of the three day conference. These are most of the people that were present for the last session. I am very pleased with the beautiful crowds each day.

My new friends, a set of twins. If I understood correctly, their names are Bright and Beauty.

Dr. Isaac is a wonderful man of God and a dear friend.

That should be quite enough pictures for today. I hope you are enjoying them. Pictures from the first day of the conference are HERE

We are having a wonderful time in Nigeria! Thank you for praying for us.


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