Monday, November 26, 2018

November 26th From Nigeria

I posted pictures from the Minister's Conference yesterday. I normally do not post much more than our view out the front window on Sunday so you might want to check out yesterday's post if you missed it.

Today will serve as a report on the rest of the weekend.

I mentioned that I was asked to preach one service of a camp meeting Friday night. The group is called The Evangel Faith International Mission and this was part of their 2018 National Convention. It is held on their camp meeting grounds about 20 minutes from Bro. Shobanke's main church.

Bro. Shobanke has known of these churches for many, many years and they have had fellowship in years past. One of the teams that came from Export Bible Institute came during this same meeting years ago and visited it too.

Some of the leaders came to the Minister's Conference Thursday morning and brought a letter from their Overseer inviting me to preach. I was honestly reluctant to do so, because I knew my first obligation was to the Minister's Conference, but I am so glad that I agreed to go. They received us so warmly and we had a wonderful time. Thank you General Overseer M. G. Kafaru.

Here are a few pictures from Friday night at the 2018 National Convention of The Evangel Faith International Mission.

I have already reported on Saturday so the rest of the pictures in this post are from Sunday. The morning service was a combined service of all the Abeokuta area branches of Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church. The service was at the main branch where the Minister's Conference was held.

First things first, we greeted all of the Sunday School children and passed out suckers to each and every one. I love these kids and we are not through passing out candy!

The Sunday morning service was great. They responded tremendously to the preaching. At the end of the service, we gave small gifts to Pastor Isaac and to Bro. Shobanke. We also showed them a short video that Odie had recorded for the church and they recorded a response. It was a lot of fun!

Pastor Isaac made a presentation to us that had me in tears. I mean really in tears. They were the cannot hold back blubbering tears!

These are all of the Pastors from the Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church. This is a great group of men that are working on the front lines for the cause of Christ. They are the real deal and I always feel like such a pretender among them.

This is Bro. Shobanke's granddaughter Damaris. She is a sweet child.

She tried on my reading glasses and we all got a kick out of her response.

Sunday evening was the first service of the Gospel Crusade. The crowd kept getting bigger all evening and many folks responded to the preaching. It was a great first night.

The temperatures are just about perfect for the crusade. It was in the mid 90s when we began, but the humidity was low. The humidity has nearly killed me here before so I am thrilled with the temps and humidity.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. We have three more nights of the crusade left. Please pray that God will have his way in the meeting. May God bless you for holding us up in prayer.


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