Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview

Prayer Request
I am going to begin this post with a prayer request. We received word Sunday morning that Pastor Charles Spencer from Riverdale, California suffered a heart attack Saturday night. They said he had a stent put in and was stable in ICU.

Later in the day, Bro. Dale Spencer text a list of specific prayer requests for Pastor Spencer. They were asking prayer for his kidney function, blood sugar levels, lungs, blood pressure, heart pumping efficiency and oxygen levels. 

Folks all over the country have been praying. Please join in with prayer for Bro. Spencer, his wife, family and church.

I suppose this was a typical weekend for us at home. Not that we know much about typical weekends.😀

We were working at Odie's house Friday evening when Lisa arrived to take Odie to meet family for a pre-arranged dinner at Skyline. She rolled right out and left us working and visiting with Steve in her house. There was nothing to do, but act like we had good sense and stay all evening!

She did take a few pictures at Skyline to share with us.

Saturday we worked more on the internet in Odie's home. The internet company did their part Friday. I needed to put ends on two Cat 6 cables and I had never done that before. Gary Coffman had a crimping tool and Youtube provided the instructions. After much hand-wringing, I waded in and put on both ends. 

Do you know what happened? It seems like I placed all 8 wires on each connector in the proper places and crimped them correctly. How could that be? It works, so I must have done it!

Sunday was a day for church, salsa, a long nap and more church! What a glorious, beautiful and wonderful day! 

We went to Dryden Rd, our home church, both services and we enjoyed them both very much. Pastor Gary Lee preached Sunday morning and Pastor Bennie Sutherland preached Sunday night. I seldom have a Sunday when I am not preaching and I sure enjoyed this one. 

I loved listening to someone else preach with no pressure on me. That afforded me the opportunity for the long nap between services. That part was really good too.

Odie snapped a few pictures Sunday.

This morning we begin another exciting week at the Lazy OD Ranch. We will be on the road before we know it. That means it is about time to start knocking out our list of things that need to be done to roll.

Thanks for kindly dropping in.


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