Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas At The Beach Cottage 2018

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday! This is Odie checking in today. I hope that you are having a great December. I am happy to be home in Ohio right now. I have really enjoyed my time with my family and friends. I love this festive time of year. 

My home church at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church does a big Christmas play most years. It has been a while since I have been home to see one of the productions. This year's play is tonight at 7:00PM. I have heard the play this time around is set in the 1800s. I am anxious to see the play this evening. You are invited too if you are in the area.

I have been so excited to decorate my Beach Cottage for Christmas this year! I could not wait to decorate. I had been gathering ideas for a while. We have not decorated for Christmas much at all since 2001. It is difficult to decorate a bus or trailer for Christmas when space is limited. It great to have plenty of space this year. 

My Aunt Theresa Osborn was so kind to help me get my decor and helped me also get it put up. Thank you again, Auntie! Thank you also to Lisa Isaacs for helping us decorate. Theresa and Lisa would not allow me to post pictures of them working. Here are some pictures of my living room decorations from different perspectives. I am so happy with the finished product!

Yes, that is two stockings hanging on my lamp below. The first one is mine and I call the second one my “faith stocking”.

I also have some Christmas decor in my bedroom too. This little tree has been with me for several years. I used it on the bus for a few years. Then I started putting it in my bedroom at my Grandparents. 

This year I borrowed an idea from a friend thanks, Bekah and Ryan Shaffer. I am collecting ornaments from special places that I visit. I got a good start on my collections earlier this year in Alaska. I even turned a few keychains, a magnet and a sign into an ornament to commemorate my trip. It is fun to think about the day and place where I bought the ornament. Plus I have a few ornaments that were gifted to me and they are on this tree too. 

I call my home a “Beach Cottage” but it is definitely not located on the beach! I woke up to this sight on Wednesday morning. It is looking a lot like Christmas at my Beach Cottage. 😀

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. 



  1. Odie,
    Enjoy Your play tonight & great looking decorations in Your home. The first time You're having Christmas in Your own home & oh how so wonderful it is, TXS! to GOD for everything.
    The Shifletts.

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. Thank you, Frankie!! Amen to thanking God He has blessed me abundantly!

  3. Love this Odie 😍 Love Heidi Isaacs


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