Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Outdoor Gospel Crusade 2018

In this post I have pictures from the last three nights of the Outdoor Gospel Crusade at Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. All four services were wonderful. I posted pictures of the first night as part of our weekend post on Monday. The pictures today are from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I love these outdoor services. Regular readers know that I love tent revival in the USA. These services are the closest thing to tent revivals back home. I love preaching to the people that purposely come to the meeting. Often people will come to an outdoor service when they would not consider going inside the church. I love that.

I also love preaching to the people in the area that are overhearing the outdoor service. I know from experience several times over, that God often uses these services to reach people as they are passing by or as they are sitting in their own house. Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church is right in the middle of a neighborhood and we have a tremendous built in audience! Awesome!

Monday evening

Sis. Rebecca is Bro. Shobanke's oldest daughter. She labored very diligently cooking for us most of the days we have been in Nigeria. She is a fine young lady with a beautiful family and a heart for ministry.

Tuesday evening

Wednesday evening. This was candy night for the kids. I call all the children to the front, encourage them, pray for them and then pass out candy. It is always fun all the way around!

Then we sing and settle into the preaching for the last night.

Oh, I have one last picture from Wednesday during the day. Bro. Shobanke needed a new doorknob and deadbolt for his house door. The last one lasted 24 years so we figure we will both be in heaven by the time this one needs to be replaced.

I always love the outdoor services and this year was no different. Bro. Shobanke gives me complete liberty to preach my heart and I appreciate his vote of confidence. It was a good week! Praise God for His help!

Thank you for checking in today.


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