Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Isaacs In Cincinnati Ohio

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Ohio. Thank you for stopping by to visit with me. I am spending my day with family. I know that it will be a super day.

Dad and Mom are still in Nigeria for a couple more days. Check our previous posts to find details of their trip. Dad has kept us updated often. They captured some great photos this trip. 

Last month right after I got home to Ohio the Isaacs were nearby in concert. My Aunt Theresa and cousin Luke allowed me to tag along with them. We had a wonderful evening.

I was in bad need of an “Isaacs Fix” and I was thrilled to get to see them again. It was also a Christmas concert. I love any of the songs that the Isaacs perform, but there is something extra special about their Christmas songs. 

They did a mixture of regular and Christmas songs. All of them were sang and played to perfection. Their talent and ability to sing and play leaves me in awe every single time I see them. The entire concert was amazing! 

I was also able to see several family members that live in this area. I do not get to see them often. It was good to visit with them too. 

One more thing before I close with pictures from the concert, please join me in praying for the Isaacs. They are currently in The Holy Land. They have a large group on this tour. I am anxious to hear about their trip when they return.

Monday is a special day for them. They will be performing a full concert in Jerusalem. Many Holocaust survivors and Israeli military are being brought in as special guests of the Isaacs. I am praying they have a fabulous response. They have been preparing for this event for a while and I am thankful it is happening on this trip. I do wish I could be there to witness this wonderful concert! It is all taking place Monday evening there, but it will be Monday mid-morning to afternoon here. 

Thanks for reading today. Now for the concert in pictures. I hope you enjoy!


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