Sunday, December 2, 2018

The View Out The Front Window December 2, 2018

This is our view out the window of our hotel room in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The view has changed tremendously since last Sunday morning. Did you notice? Below you will find the view from last week. Compare the two pictures for yourself.

Can you see the difference? Last week's picture was taken from the 3rd floor and this week's picture was taken from the 2nd floor. 

We changed hotel rooms after church on Sunday night. I always tell people that Kelly Jo says, "Two week revivals feel too much like pastoring a church." I guess we can not stay in the same place for two weeks!😀

We had returned to the room Sunday afternoon to find the air conditioning not working. It was over 80 degrees in the room. We hoped it was something crazy with the electric which is sometimes the case. After church Sunday night, the temperature in the room was almost 90 degrees. The hotel sent a technician to look at the AC and determined it was not repairable so they moved us down one floor. The hotel staff was very kind and accommodating.

Our new room is directly underneath our first room. It was a lot of work for Kelly Jo, but cool air is worth the effort, especially when trying to sleep. The heat is very hard on a fat guy, but the hot air is even harder on KJ trying to breathe. Thank God for air conditioning!

While I was taking pictures, I took another one from the window, but looking up the street.

I hope you have been enjoying our posts this week. Here are the links to the latest posts.

Thank you for joining us today on Mile Markers. I hope you have a blessed Sunday.


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