Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Millikin Christmas Service

Today was a Millikin kind of day and we enjoyed every minute of it.

The Millikin's are on their Christmas tour and were in our general area this weekend. They were in northwest Dayton Sunday night and in the Cincinnati area Monday night. That put them in the perfect position to meet for lunch at Acapulco in Lebanon. That is exactly what they did!

It was great to see our dear friends and to have some time to visit with them. There are few things better than good friends, good Mexican food and super great salsa. That is a combination you can not find every day, but we sure found it yesterday.

We appreciate them taking time to eat lunch with us and share some of their time with our family. These are very precious people and we are blessed to have them as our friends.

We parted ways in the afternoon, but we were not through with the Millikin family. We had been planning to drive to Cincinnati to hear them Monday evening and everything worked out for us to be able to go. They were at Free Pentecostal Church of God in Mt. Healthy and it was a wonderful service.

There was a big crowd gathered from churches all around. We enjoyed seeing friends and soaking in the ministry of the Millikin family. They blessed us all with their singing, music and testimonies.

Bro. Jimmy Millikin is my favorite evangelist and he demonstrated why again last night. He spoke a perfect word to our hearts and eased the Word into our spirits with great music and singing. It was tremendous.

After visiting for a while after church we stopped on the way home for a bite to eat with my brother Steve and his wife Karen. That visit capped a perfect Millikin Christmas night.

I hope you had a great day too. Thanks for reading.


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