Saturday, December 29, 2018

Orange Hands

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from a moving BoggsMobile. We are Kentucky bound this fine Saturday morning. Please come and join us in service tonight in Central City, Kentucky, tomorrow in Hodgenville, Kentucky or Monday in West Harrison, Indiana. Come be with us to find out who we have tagging along for a couple of days. We have two special guests this weekend. I know that it will be a fun filled 3 days. 

Today I have a very funny and embarrassing story to tell you! It has been a while since I shared something embarrassing about myself. This certainly qualifies. 

Last Friday we went to eat a special Christmas dinner with Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen. You can read about that dinner here.

We visited one of my favorite restaurants, Rodizio. It is definitely a very nice place and special a treat to eat there. I consider it more of an upscale establishment. 

Well, you can dress me up and take me to a fancy restaurant, but I will most likely do something crazy. We went into this dimly lit restaurant and found our table. Mom retrieved her hand sanitizer and I reached for my water enhancing drops. 

In true “Odie” fashion I picked up the orange water drops thinking it was hand sanitizer and liberaly applied it to my hands! I immediately realized my mistake and re-sanitized my hands, but the damage was done. We all had a good laugh at my blooper.😂

The restaurant was dim, but not so dim that I could not tell the difference between hand sanitizer and orange flavoring. I have no excuse for that. 

But it was dim enough that I could not see exactly what was going on with my hands. After a lengthy meal, I went into a bright restroom to find my hands were still very orange. I had to scrub my hands a few times to remove all of the orange color, over the course of a few days. I did not allow pictures of my hands.😑

The moral of this story:
1. Make sure that you really have the correct product before pouring it on your hands. 🤦🏽‍♀️
2. Water enhancing drops are good for water but they DO NOT double as hand sanitizer. 
3. Also, I have not tried this, but I highly doubt hand sanitizer doubles as a water enhancer. I do not recommend trying it. 😀

Well, I hope this story has caused you to laugh and brightens your day. Thank you for visiting with me here. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. See you in 2019. Stay tuned right here. I know that I will have more crazy happenings next year. 



  1. This is SUCH a Bekah thing to do! I got the best laugh out of this one! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    1. Bekah,
      I knew you would like this story! I am glad you got a good laugh, you are welcome!


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