Thursday, December 20, 2018

On The Road Again Newsletter Christmas 2018

Tuesday evening Kelly Jo rushed to the post office to mail the latest version of our On The Road Again newsletter. It is probably showing up in mailboxes across the country today and should certainly reach all of the recipients by this weekend. Because you are a faithful blog reader, you get to see it today.

This is our Christmas newsletter and also serves as the Christmas card from our family and from Boggs Family Ministries. We thought it was appropriate to take our Christmas picture in the beautiful home that was built for Odie. We are thankful that my sister Theresa was able to take a few moments to snap some pictures for us.

I would include pictures of her standing on top of the kitchen island to get the "right" picture, but I am afraid she might remove me from her Christmas list. I can not take a chance with that. Of course, I could text it to anyone that would like to see it.😁

Okay, Okay, you have twisted my arm hard enough. I must give the public what it desires.

Theresa said a good photographer does whatever it takes to get the picture!

Here is the link to the Boggs Family Ministries Christmas 2018 Newsletter. The link should open the newsletter in a nice readable PDF file, but I will add a picture of the newsletter too.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless you all. 


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