Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas At The Farmhouse 2018

Hey Friends, 

Happy Saturday, this is Odie checking in. Can you believe this is the third Saturday in December? Christmas is almost here!

Together Again 

I am happy to report that my family has been reunited. I was thrilled on Monday night to hear the Green Machine and the BoggsMobile pull into the ranch. 

It was even better to actually see my parents home again! I am so grateful for the technology that allowed us to stay in contact when we were separated.  It helped me to know that everything was ok with them. Several people contacted me to check on me while my parents were gone and I really appreciate your concern! My family here at home were great too. They made sure that I had exactly what I needed. 

Week of Accomplishments 

Before I get to the main topic of this post I would like to give two girls a shout-out. This week two of my wonderful cousins completed their college classes. I am super excited for them to reach this huge milestone. 

Kayla Jo Morgan now has a degree in Chemistry. She definitely has the brains in the cousins crew in the Morgan family. Now Kayla is onto the job hunt! We are praying that God leads her to the right job. 

Mom and I met up with Kayla and several of our family to celebrate her last day of college. We had a wonderful evening celebrating with her!

This was also the final week of college for our Baby Lauren Osborn. Her major is Retail Marketing. She really has a talent for retail and enjoys the industry. She wants to work behind the scenes. 

Lauren begins training next week for an internship. Soon she will be spending 4 months in Maui for the internship. Please join us in praying that all will go well for her!

Both Kayla and Lauren will graduate from their respective colleges in May. I can not believe they will soon be college graduates. I am super proud of them! I love you girls more than you will ever know!

Christmas at The Farmhouse
Thanks to everyone that let me know that you enjoyed seeing my Christmas decor last Saturday. Click here if you missed the post. 

I also was able to help decorate some at the farmhouse in Hillsboro this year too. I love Gran and Papaw's new home! It was fun to decorate it for Christmas. Gran wanted me to capture some photos of the memories created that night. It was a fun evening spent with family. 

Each year there is a race between Uncle Danny and Aunt Kim to find the trumpet and blow it first. Uncle Danny was the 2018 winner. 

Time for ornaments and Ezra hung the first one.

Briley hangs her ornament.

Seth helping us out. 

Kayla modeling her Granddaughter’s 1st Christmas ornament 1996

Briley tries out the trumpet 

This is one of my special ornaments at Gran’s house I actually found Grandaughter’s 1st Christmas ornament 1985. That particular ornament is bad old. 

Hunter and I hanging out.

Crazy Kim and Kayla 

Papaw always fixes the star

My try at an artistic shot

2018 Granddaughter picture 

2018 Grandson picture 

Well, I hope you liked a glimpse of the Christmas decor at the Farmhouse. They have added even more since my last visit. I am anxious to see the icicle lights outside. 

Thank you for reading today. It is always a pleasure to have you visit with me. 


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