Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Little Travel and Vintage View Vednesday - August 2004

It is good to be back. I have lots of interesting things in the stack of stuff, so let us get to it.

Monday/Tuesday was certainly an amusing travel day. By amusing I mean nervous chuckling, shaking your head and clucking your tongue at the same time kind of amusing.

We have a saying in our family that I have talked about here several times. It is used in the context of something I have scheduled that might not have turned out the best. The saying is, "Well, it looked good on paper" usually followed by, "No, that one did not even look good on paper!"

We woke up about 6:30 AM Pacific time in Seattle on Monday and arrived at the Lazy OD Ranch about 9:00 AM Eastern time about 23 1/2 hours later. 

The reason we spent the day there and flew out so late was because of airline miles. When we booked those flights months ago, the red-eye flight required the fewest amount of miles and the timing seemed reasonable. It looked good on paper.

It was a long day, but it turned out well. We kicked around Seattle, took the red-eye to Cincinnati, fought rush hour traffic in the rain and arrived safe and mostly sound. 

Kelly Jo went to the bus and Odie and I went to the house. We had a contractor scheduled to be there between 9-11 so we were just in time. I will have pictures from what he did maybe tomorrow.

He left about 2:30 and then a long nap was in order for all of us. Kelly Jo made a salsa run about 8:30 PM (4:30 on our body clocks) and then it was bed time shortly after. What a day!

This is Wednesday and time for our Vintage View Vednesday post. This post is from our visit home for Dryden Rd. Fellowship Meeting in August of 2004. A big part of our August Fellowship Meeting visit home is always family. Here are some throwback pictures of our family that month.

First up is a visit to the Morgan farm and some of the Kelly Jo's extended family.


Then a few pictures from my parent's place as we visited with family. Notice Dad's old black barn in the background that has since been replaced by the nice red barn where we have so many family gatherings.

And a few great pictures from Brook and Jack at Fellowship Meeting.

Beautiful girls.

Thanks for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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