Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Good News From GoodNews Christian School - Nigeria

During our last visit to Nigeria near the end of 2016 we visited the GoodNews Christian School in Abeokuta as we always do. We were anxious to see the progress on the new construction of a building with two new classrooms. We had given money before that toward the construction and on that visit we took the funds to finish it.

This is what the new building looked like in late November 2016.

The money we left behind and their hard work turned into this by the middle of January! Beautiful!

Those two big classrooms provided them with enough space for the students they had at that time and no more. I was thrilled to find out they had built the building with the proper foundation and walls to support a second story in the future. I told Bro. Shobanke we would start preparing to help with that project right away.

Real life intervened when the church on that same property had to be torn down last year and rebuilt because it was in danger of collapsing. The church was completed and dedicated in December 2017 debt free!

We gave Bro. Shobanke an offering in May to help begin the second story on the school building and when school term was ended they began. He sent me these pictures a few days ago.

Concrete one bucket at a time!

I am so excited to see the progress. It is the rainy season in Nigeria right now so any work accomplished at all is a miracle. Thank you for helping us to help them to do this and we are hoping to do more. They are trying to expand the school and they need the classrooms.

As I have mentioned many times, the school is a very effective and critical outreach and we believe in it very much. Bro. Shobanke's daughters Ruth and Rebecca run the school and do an excellent job. We also hope to take some school supplies, money for school supplies and money for salaries when we go to Nigeria this November.

As always, we never ask for help for our expenses to Nigeria, but if any one would like to help with these or other projects in Nigeria, you are welcome to do so through Boggs Family Ministries. 100% of what you give will go toward the intended purpose in Nigeria.

Thank you for stopping by today. It is always nice to have you.


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