Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 8/13/2018

On Wednesday Odie received a special visit from my Dad's Uncle Ed Mays and his wife Nettie. He is my great Uncle and Odie's great great Uncle. They live about 90 miles north of here and came down to visit family and included a stop at Odie's house. It was great to see them again.

The garage is completely cleaned out so it was time to try the Green Machine out for size.

There is plenty of room for Odie to bring her chair down the sloping sidewalk and to load up in the car. Wonderful!

The whole drive has been a mess for many months. All the construction trucks and concrete trucks have made it worse. It was time for a big load of limestone gravel. One 18 ton load coated from the road to the back corner of the house. We would probably need 4-5 more loads to cover all the gravel area. 

There is no limestone gravel in our county so the local gravel company has to ship it in. That makes it more expensive but it sure packs nice.

The driver tailgated the gravel and made it look great. There was very little for me to fix.

Thursday night at Dryden Rd.

The guy that did the septic system was hauling in dirt most of the day Thursday. Friday two of his guys came and had everything graded to near perfect in less than two hours. It really looks good.

Dad dragged a piece of weighted fence behind the lawn mower to get it ready for seed in the front. Steve picked up a bunch of debris before seeding.

Previously in the week I had cut the viewing ports for the septic lines down to ground level. I had one that needed to go a little lower.

Then we put grass seed on the yard and Dad, Mom Steve, Lisa and Kelly Jo helped me spread straw on the whole yard. We used 18 bails of straw altogether. I would have still been spreading straw if they had not jumped in and worked so hard.

We had a nice soaking rain most of that first night so hopefully the grass comes up good.

We had a van load of dear friends from Hodgenville, Kentucky come to visit Odie's house on Saturday. It was super, super great to have them.

Saturday evening Steve and Karen helped us take our sound system to Anchor of Hope. It is only 7 miles to the church, but we enjoyed their company and loved having some one else to help with the lifting.

We had two very good revival services at Anchor of Hope on Sunday.

For many years we have preached at Anchor for Pastor Bill Lamb. He and his church have been very good to us. I believe we have preached there each of the last 16 years and have preached a revival many of those years

His son, Bro. E.J. Lamb, has been his assistant for several years.

Earlier this year Bro. Bill made the transition into retirement and Pastor Emeritus. The church transitioned Bro. E.J. into the senior Pastor position. It seems to have been a seamless process and the church is doing great.

Of course Sunday afternoon included a little salsa! Bro and Sis. Lamb are the ones that introduced us to Acapulco just a few months after they opened! God bless them for that!

It was nice to have Kelly Jo's parents and more of her family with us Sunday night.

We are expecting three more great nights of revival this week. Come be with us if you can.

That wraps up our weekend. Thanks for joining us.


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