Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Simple Truth May 2006

We are having a wonderful time this week at First Pentecostal Church in London, Kentucky with Pastor Vernon Jarvis and all of his fine folks. They sure deserve better preaching than what they are getting, but they are very gracious about it. We absolutely love being here.

Vintage View Vednesday

Vintage View Vednesday this week takes us back to May of 2006. We were at Hilltop studio near Nashville recording our Simple Truth CD. We love the recording process and being with Ben Isaacs and all of the talented musicians makes it even more fun.

It was a great, great experience. We spent one day tracking the music, about two days on vocals and then a day or two on mixing. We had it mastered later at another studio in Nashville.

We had the Kountry Star fifth wheel then and we parked in an RV park in Goodlettsville. We were there for two full weeks. I think we did the tracking the first week and then rested our voices until we recorded the vocals the second week. 

We had a lot of family fun in the campground and visiting local churches in the Nashville area. We sometimes stay in campgrounds during revivals, but while families are building fires for the evening, we come out in our dress clothes, load up in the car and leave. We get a LOT of funny looks.

It is every once in a while to actually "use" the campground.

We have great memories from these few days of recording. We had a blast. We really, really need to get back into the studio and these pictures make us want to get it done now!

The one and only Aubrey Haynie and Odie

Ben and Odie

Greg Ritchie and Odie

Jason Webb and Odie

Kelly Back and Odie

Kevin Williams and Odie

Steve Chandler

I just realized there are no pictures of me singing on this album. Maybe that's not me on those songs. Some one must have filled in for me.

That is all for today. Thanks for dropping in.


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