Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Corner Table With a View Please

Part of our original plan for the house included a built in bench with storage and a small table in the kitchen. Otherwise one corner could end up being wasted space. Hey, corners are people too. 

There is room for small dining table between the island and the living room, if the furniture is placed correctly, but all Odie needs is something small.

After the cabinets were installed last summer, I took the Green Machine material hauling apparatus and purchased the material.

I framed the benches with 2x4's and then skinned them with the extra shiplap I had made for the ceiling.

I made the seats out of plywood and put them on piano hinges to open up the benches for storage.

Here is Kelly Jo and Lisa trying the bench out with a plywood table.😀

It became the "eating place" in the house pretty quick.

Pastor Scott Morris makes super great looking Farmhouse type tables and I asked him last year if he would make a custom table for Odie that would fit in this spot. He came up with a great design perfect for the space. It is well built!

He presented it to Odie last spring when we were down there in Mississippi.

I strapped it down in the tent trailer and eventually it finally arrived in Ohio.

Kelly's Dad painted the table with the white and blue cabinet colors Odie had chosen and it looks fabulous!

Odie has access to the table in her wheel chair from the side or from the end.

Before the table was painted we covered the unfinished wood with cardboard and later pieces of the vinyl flooring. That allowed us to east many, many meals at the table without staining the wood with salsa!

We shared some more salsa at Odie's table last night for supper! So good!

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