Saturday, August 4, 2018

What Happened in Juneau Stays in Juneau

Hey Friends,

This Odie coming to you from Ohio. This week has been full of projects. We have been able to cross some things off the to do list. I am settling into the house that was built for me to live in. I am loving my little beach cottage. 

Vacation was amazing. I was able to visit the 49th state out of the 50 states in the United States. Also it was my 49th state to visit. 

I can not really describe the beauty of Alaska! I can not settle on the correct adjectives to use. You really have to see the beauty to understand for yourself. I will have pictures to share but I am still working to gather them all.

The main way that I capture photos is through my iPhone. My iPhone 8+ loved Juneau, Alaska so much that it decided to jump out of my hand and into the ocean and stay there forever! I was devastated to watch it fall several stories to a watery grave. It was a sickening and sinking feeling to watch it disappear! 

That night I cried many tears! But my family consoled me. It was just a horrible accident! I admit I could have been more careful to avoid it. I had been warned, but my Dad was awesome. He hugged me, dried my tears and assured that money could replace my phone. I am glad I carry insurance on my phone. 

We still had several days to enjoy vacation. I was determined not to let the sad loss of my phone ruin it. After a late night trip to get a Diet Coke and ice cream I was ready to laugh again. 

I wish I could have woke up and my nightmare be gone. Sadly it did not go that way. I will not ever hear the end of the jokes, but I deserve them. I am actually dreading some of the texts that this post will generate!

If you tried to reach me between July 20th and July 31st I probably did not receive your message. I was expecting some very important tests and know that I missed them. Please call or text again. 

Before I close for today, two very special people celebrated birthdays this week. I want to wish them a Happy Belated Birthday here. 

My Mamaw, Martha Boggs had a birthday on Monday. Mamaw, I love you so much! You are amazing and I am blessed to call you Mamaw. Thank you for everything thing you do for me and our family!

Yesterday was a big day for my Papaw Danny Morgan. He reached 70 years young milestone. Papaw, you are totally awesome! I can not say thank you enough for all the work that you have put into my home! You brought my dreams to life. I love you so much!!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me. Have a great weekend. 


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