Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Washington DC 2004

We were recently on vacation so as I began looking through the archives for this Vintage View Vednesday these pictures from a short vacation in 2004 caught my attention. These are from June 2004 in Washington, D.C., our nations capital.

We were making a revival loop through northern Virginia so we planned a few months ahead to meet my brother Steve and his family for about three days.

Steve had been there when he was in high school so he was put in charge of the itinerary. I took charge of the campground locating service. That was easier said than done because decent campgrounds with spots big enough for our trailer at the time in the DC area are about as rare as hens teeth.

We made reservations at the only game in town and the trip was set! We were in our trailer, Steve, Karen and their kids were in a tent and we took public transportation into town every day.

We commenced to having three great days of fun mostly walking around to the absolutely awesome sights in our nations capital. There is no way to cover even a portion of "must see" things in three days, but we had a blast trying to see as much as possible.

One of the highlights for me was the World War II memorial which was newly opened then. We went during the day and went back at night. It was tremendously moving to me. 

That visit was the beginning of me learning a lot more about the contributions of the greatest generation of Americans. I try to visit the WWII memorial every time I visit DC now.

It is true that we have been back to Washington D.C. since then, but we have never had as much fun there as we had those few days. I may be ready for another vacation soon!

I hope you enjoy the Vintage View pictures.


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