Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview August 6, 2018

That was a super great weekend! We accomplished a lot, had great visits with family and friends, enjoyed wonderful church services and ate tremendous meals. Yes, I say that makes a super great weekend!

I posted a picture yesterday of a wall of decorations in the house. Kelly Jo, Odie, my Dad and Mom, cousin Lisa, my sister Theresa and her daughter Lauren tackled a lot of that on Thursday. KJ and Odie worked much more on it Friday and Saturday, but Thursday really brought things together. It is looking great. I will try to post more pictures later in the week.

While that was going on I installed the shelving and other paraphernalia in the closets. Steve and Lisa helped me put together one piece for the master closet and then Lisa cleaned up after us.

If you remember, Odie's master closet also doubles as a safe room during storms. The piece we assembled in the picture above will give Odie a place to rest a little while if she needs to go into the safe room at night. 

She tells us that the reason she can not walk is because she slept on the floor so much as we traveled the country when she was a kid. We are trying to help out all we can to keep her off the floor!

Friday during the day I finished the closets, installed some grab bars and hung a few other things. Like I said, more pictures of that tomorrow.

Friday evening we went to Hillsboro along with my parents and Steve. We went to the house of Kelly's parents to celebrate her Dad's 70th birthday. We had a great evening.

Saturday morning we had a super visit with long time friends from Kentucky. Odie a has been coordinating with Bro. Ron Conner for several months on some decorations that would lend themselves to her beach house theme. Bro. Ron and Sis. Deb came to the house Saturday bearing all manners of treasures fit for a beach queen.

Bro. Ron is an expert in many areas and one of those is shell collecting. He knew exactly what Odie was looking for and he brought beautiful specimens for her to choose from along with a picture Odie had chosen and a few items they had purchased.

The girls are still working on placing those decorations. I will try to include pictures tomorrow.

Of course, we took them to drink a little salsa too!

Sunday was a big day too. I have preached the Homecoming service in Sharonville, Ohio for Pastor Randy Brown a few times, but it seems we are never in Ohio at the right time for it unless I am scheduled to preach it. Yesterday was the Homecoming and we were free for the morning. It seemed like the right thing to do.

We went and loved it just like we knew we would. They had recently remodeled the church and it looks great.

We were blessed to see many friends Sunday, but it was especially good to see Bro. Joel and Sis. Amber Isham. We stayed and visited with them all afternoon and hated to leave.

That pretty much wraps up our wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was good too. Thanks for spending time here with us. Tomorrow I am preparing a post with more pictures of the interior of Odie's house.


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