Friday, August 10, 2018

Relaxation In Pictures Again

We are keeping busy working in the house, outside the house and in the barn. The week is flying by. We begin revival Sunday at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio and the following Sunday is Homecoming next door at Dodds. We are looking forward to these meeting and other events that are going on too.

It was wonderful to be at home last night at Dryden Rd. Bro. Bennie preached me under conviction and I am happy to say that he did. I love when a preacher talks to my heart with a Word from the Lord.

Today I have some more Relaxation In Pictures. I have a few more pictures from vacation. Since Odie did not have her phone most of the trip, I allowed her to carry my phone. Having a phone with her kept her from getting the shakes. She took a bunch of these pictures.


Kodiak Island

On the way to Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard is 7 1/2 miles across.

The beauty is breathtaking.


Odie and Lisa's cabin

This is the last picture I took on vacation. It was in the Seattle airport. I noticed this pet bathroom as I was going up the escalator.

This world is going to the dogs!

Thank you for dropping in today.


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