Monday, July 30, 2018

Back in Action

I checked in here on Tuesday, but it sure seems like longer than that. I have not checked our traffic numbers, but I am sure that millions of you have been coming here every day to see if we have had anything worthwhile to see. We are back in Action.

Today was/is a travel day. We are making our way back to civilization and "should" arrive at the Lazy OD Ranch by 8:00 or so Tuesday morning by God's grace. We are currently in the airport in Seattle and we are scheduled to take the overnight flight to Cincinnati. 

This picture was taken Monday in an underground terminal on the Seattle Light Rail system.

We have had a wonderfully relaxing time the last several days. It really has been awesome. I am sure that Odie will have a few pictures to post later on. She may be a little sparse on pictures, but I will let her tell you all about that.

We are meeting a man at the house Tuesday morning to finish a project. He is bringing the window treatments and Odie is excited about that. I will try to get pictures.

This post will have to do for both Monday and Tuesday. I will try to be in full swing posting by Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in today.


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